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Virtual Business Counsel

Step Into Entrepreneurship

Special Offer!

Private Business Building Sessions

Let's take you to the NEXT LEVEL.

One-on-one, hands-on business building sessions. 


Now that you have a great foundation for what it takes to start and grow your business, let's get some serious work done!


I'm offering four-week private business building sessions to 10 members of the Step Into Entrepreneurship program. 


 - Four weekly sessions

 - 30 minutes each

 - Monday through Sunday availability

 - Screen-sharing

 - Video conferencing

 - Unlimited questions via email

 - Rescheduling options

 - Options for additional counseling time  

During the 30-minute, private weekly sessions, I can work with you on our choices of:

  • Developing your why

  • Completing your fears and solutions chart

  • Narrowing down your business idea

  • Deciding on services to offer and completing the Red, Yellow, Green Method™ 

  • Identifying and understanding your target market

  • Creating a great avatar

  • Developing your unique selling proposition

  • Developing your to-do checklist

  • Completing your personal and business expenses spreadsheet

  • Determine your startup and recurring business expense

  • Calculating required income

  • Creating your brand identity

  • Developing your website

  • Utilizing SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  • Developing a social media strategy

  • Creating a sales funnel

  • Developing a referral program

  • Protecting your business idea

  • Understanding contracts that you need for your business

  • Owning and protecting your intellectual property

  • Learning how to protect your personal assets from business risks

  • And more!



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