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"I've found so much happiness in being an entrepreneur that I feel compelled to help more people become one."

Dayna Thomas, Esq. is an Atlanta-based entrepreneurship attorney, counselor, and author with a passion for helping people build their lives, careers, and businesses through her business, legal and marketing expertise. She focuses her practice on assisting entrepreneurs in reaching their goals, protecting their businesses, and building strong brands.

Early into her career, Dayna acknowledged her true passion for entrepreneurship. Prior to starting her law office, Dayna founded a business consulting company where she helped entrepreneurs establish their business entities and advised them on business strategies to develop their business idea, understand their target market, create their brand, and build relationships. A few years later and just ten months after graduating law school, she fearlessly founded The Law Office of Dayna Thomas, LLC. Since then, Dayna has established two other enterprises, a publishing company and an online business coaching service, all centered around her passion for creating and supporting entrepreneurs.

To date, Dayna has served hundreds of small businesses and helped her clients secure over six-figures in investor funds. Dayna enjoys coaching clients through the startup process and often serves as a speaker at conferences and events to educate and empower aspiring and new entrepreneurs, and teach them how to develop a winning entrepreneurial mindset.

Dayna’s life motto is “believe and act as if it were impossible to fail,” which is instrumental to her work and value as an entrepreneurship counselor. Overall, Dayna believes that her purpose in life is to help aspiring and current entrepreneurs make more money and live more fulfilled lives. 


I'm Dayna

An entrepreneur, author, lawyer, business coach,

believer, and all-around entrepreneurship enthusiast

with the responsibility of helping you build

a business that you love!

"Your mind is your greatest asset.

Protect it!"

- Dayna Thomas

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